CYAA Vic Summer Series

CYAA Vic runs a Summer Series each year on Port Phillip. The next series is the 2024/2025 Summer Series, which will commence in October 2024 at RMYS. 

2023/24 Summer Series

2023/24 Program:
Race 18 Oct 2023RMYS 10:30
Race 215 Oct 2023 RMYS 10:30
Race 319 Nov 2023RMYS 10:30
Race 426 Nov 2023RMYS10:30
Race 5 (PURSUIT) 10 Dec 2023RYCV 10:00
Race 6 4 Feb 2024 RMYS 10:30
Race 7 3 Mar 2024RMYS 10:30
Race 8 (PURSUIT)17 Mar 2024RYCV 10:00
Documents and details

All can be found on the RMYS “Classics – Documents, Results and Start Sheets” page, including

  • Classics Official Noticeboard
  • Notice of Race
  • Sailing Instructions
  • Start Sheets and Results
  • Course Descriptions (with Race Sign-on and Results QR codes) 
  • Course Tracks 

Previous years

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Entrants and Results from the 2022/23 Summer series on TopYacht

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Entrants and Results from 2021/22 Summer series on TopYacht

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