Race 4 (Cancelled) post-race notes – 2023/24 Sayonara Summer Series

Forecast issued for 10:00 am EDT on Sunday 26 November:

Winds: Southwesterly 15 to 20 knots, reaching up to 25 knots in the south.

Seas: Around 1 meter, increasing to 1 to 1.5 meters in the north during the afternoon. 

What the handicapper saw (in his mind) on Friday 24th November.

Great Expectations of Sundays 26th November sea conditions off Port Melbourne for Race four!

line drawing, Point Gellibrand Lightship

What the handicapper saw as the reality on Sunday morning. 

The actual sea conditions for Race 4…

Sack cloth and ashes is the handicappers garb for the week!

CYAA participation in the RMYS Discover Sailing promotion

Thanks to Boambillee and Acrospire III the CYAA used Race three to play a notable role in this event.

Race 3 recollections from Acrospire III

For some time now photo’s of the fleet sailing along Beaconsfield Parade have been provided to us from a Classic yacht supporter named Robert Lorenzon.

To accord their appreciation of these photos, the handicapper invited Robert to experience what he’s been photographing. Thanks to Col Anderson the result was for Robert to be part of the race three Acrospire III crew on the RMYS Discover Sailing day.

Here’s some comments from Robert after his Acrospire III sail:

I wish to thank you and Col for the memorable sailing session on Acrospire III on Sunday.

I have viewed the yacht for many years and admired its elegance.

On Sunday, I was able to experience just how magnificent and graceful this yacht truly is. So beautifully cared for, and skillfully managed on the water.

It was a privilege to meet Col and to step onto his cherished yacht – I truly appreciate this.

And it was memorable to feel the lift when Acrospire picked up the breeze while other nearby yachts in the fleet just bobbed around.

I have attached a few pics from our time on the water.

(Click for larger images.)

About Robert Lorenzon:

Robert Lorenzon has a background in environmental sciences, has worked as a ranger in National Parks, as a tv presenter of nature segments on Shirl’s Neighbourhood, and in industry – he’s a lifelong surfer and loves to ride the waves, and explore the natural world with his pal Spike. … Google Books

Books: Spike Surfs: From Lost Dogs Home to Surfing Champ

Potential RMYS start line area activity on Sunday, Nov 26.

If our race had been run, our start line would have been in chaos. The Port Melbourne Yacht Club were conducting the Vic Open and Masters Laser Championships in the waters used for Classic Yacht racing. 110 entries were on their books. No point guessing the outcome of this congestion on Race 4.

2023 Vic Open & Masters Laser State Championships conducted by Port Melb. Yacht Club. 110 entries registered

Last classic race for 2023

Summer Series race five December 10th with warning signal at 0955 hours. This will be a fleet based start, Pursuit start to be conducted by RYCV in the waters off the Albert Park Sailing and Angling Club at Kerferd Road pier.

Pursuit start times to be published next week. For this race the handicapper won’t get in the way of the start.

Regards and Race four commiserations to all

Peter Costolloe
CYAA (Vic) Handicapper

Print version of these post-race notes (pdf) 

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