About the CYAA

The Classic Yacht Association of Australia was formed in 1996 following the restoration of the Robert Logan yacht Waitangi (1894) in Melbourne.

The association was formed in order to promote and enjoy Classic Yacht activity in Australia. It achieves this through a range of objectives, namely:

  • to promote and encourage the restoration, preservation, research, knowledge and ownership of classic yachts;
  • to organise, promote and hold events of any and all descriptions for Classic Yachts, their owners, former owners, crews or former crews and families;
  • to promote and increase public awareness of Classic Yachts and their history;
  • to do anything necessary or desirable in the opinion of the Executive Committee that may advance the interests of Classic Yachts, their owners, former owners, crews or former crews or Members of the Association; and
  • To do such other things that are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above purposes of the Association.

Today, the association counts around 120 members and its boat register contains around 60 Classic Yachts, ranging from the William Fife designed, Inter-colonial champion, Sayonara (1897), to a growing fleet of restored Knud Reimers designed Tumlaren (1933), once prolific on the waters of Hobson’s Bay.

CYAA Committee

President Cameron Dorrough
Vice PresidentCraig Brown
SecretaryColin Orchard
TreasurerJennie McKenzie
CommitteeDoug Shields
Richard Macrae
Damian Purcell
Ian Rose

Membership Renewals

Membership subscriptions for the 2023/2024 year were due on 1 July 2023. Use the forms below.

CYAA Membership fees for 2023/2024:

  • $85.00 pa for Boat owner
  • $55.00 pa for Crew and supporter members

CYAA Membership Renewal (pdf)

New Members

The CYAA membership year ends on 30 June. New members will be charged their first year on a pro-rata basis from the date of acceptance.

The CYAA will contact new members, once approved, with subscription and payment details.

Use the forms below to apply for membership. 

CYAA Membership Application (pdf)

CYAA Policies