Race 2 post-race notes – 2023/24 Sayonara Summer Series

Post race comments 

Hitting the October sweet spot

Considering what Port Phillip dished up on the immediate days before and after Race two we sure hit a Port Phillip weather sweet spot.

Grumbles from the deep

Having said this I know grumbles from the likes of Avian and Cyan, both going exceptionally well till the last rounding to the RMYS E mark, where they came to a full stop, may not fully agree here. The corrected times show they were in for a decent corrected time placing till they came to a full stop.

What the race two fleet saw: 

Pics from Scott McDonald on Pastime II


2023 Cup Regatta

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Regards to all

Peter Costolloe
CYAA (Vic) Handicapper

Print version, Race 2 post-race comments (pdf) 

Race 2 results on TopYacht 

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