2023 Winter Series Race 3: Pre-race notes

Race management for Sunday 28th May

The race starting signals will begin from 9:45 am when the RMYS two handed race course allocation is displayed by flags and announced by radio on channel 72. and cease at approx. 11:30 am when the last starter in the RMYS pursuit race is signalled. The RMYS procedure to leave the radio channel open while sounding the horn will be used for starting warning and starting signals only.

If a shortened course is signalled the class flag associated with the shorten course will be displayed below the S Flag. Radio announcements will also be made.

Course allocations will be based on wind strength conditions on the day. The current Met Eye status for Sunday says 10 knots NNW. While the general BoM forecast says 15-20 NW. We all know what happened with a similar forecast for race two as 34 knots gusted across the deck with 2.5 m seas. The possibility of the Two handed race competitors approaching and passing through the start line while the classics and Squadron Sunday fleet pursuit are starting will be a course selection consideration.

Being hard classic sailors the rain forecast won’t be an issue. But rug up and think of those tower folks with the heater set to full throttle.

Race three news

Click through for the Race three starter list plus the assigned handicap.  

We’ll be doing a division based pursuit start. Same as our Race two start. Overall class flag for race three is the CYAA Burgee

  • Div three 10:30am Class flag Green
  • Div two 10:35am Class flag Yellow
  • Div one 10:40am Class flag Blue  

Each starter will display the allocated coloured flag. A radio call on VHF channel 72 may be used to notify all starters of each race their starting sequence status. As previously mentioned we’re expecting decent strength norwesterly winds for Sunday.

Classic winter series courses

Click to download the 2023 Winter Series course descriptions. The QR Code’s for the oat racing plus PoB sign on. The results QR code is also displayed with these Course description. An SMS will go out when the results have been posted.

Click through to download the course maps. The Course 5 map has been corrected by removing the use of the RBYC 5 mark. The allocated handicaps for race three are calculated by Top Yacht using the results from race two.

Other RMYS events on Sunday

At 10:00 am the scheduled RMYS winter series two handed race one event will be starting. Code Y flag (PFD’s to be worn) will be flying for this event. Class flag W with a yellow backstay flag on each starter applies to this event.

At 11:00 am the scheduled RMYS Squadron Sunday will be starting. This race is a pursuit start with start times extending to at least 11:30am. Class flag O with no backstay flag on the starters applies to this event.

After race three social catch up

Weather permitting, we’ll welcome our classic starters to consider participating in a post race catch up on the RMYS Marina.

RMYS 2023 Presentation Night

Click through to see how our CYAA members went in the RMYS trophy hand out stakes

The CYAA events celebrated at this function were:-

  • 2022 Winter Series Martin Ryan skipper of Mercedes III
  • 2022/2023 Summer Series David McNeice skipper of Akala
  • 2023 Tumlaren State championships Charley Salter and Pete Jerabeck skipper and crew of Yvonne

Times away…

That’s all the Race three news for now. Best wishes for another day of great classic yacht racing on Port Phillip

Regards to all 

Peter Costolloe
CYAA (Vic) Handicapper

Print version of these pre-race 3 notes (pdf) 

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