2023 Winter Series: Race four pre-race notes

Click the icon to read or print the Handicapper’s 2023 Winter Series Race 4 pre race notes

In these notes:

  • Race four management for Sunday 18th June. 10:00am start time
  • Race four news. Mercedes IV
  • Race three comments
  • It’s au go-go in the tower for race three
  • Post race three debrief RMYS Olympic Bar
  • Fair Winds at the 10th June AWKR
  • 2023 Cup Regatta Intent to enter link via the SWS website.
  • 2023/2024 Summer Series now being organised
  • What the handicapper saw as a notes finish up
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Winter 2023 Race 4 pre-race notes

Important regarding Race 4 weather

The Race 4 pre race notes make a comment about the current BoM forecast for Sunday.

While the forecast conditions for Sunday don’t look good, the Met Eye forecast for the top of the bay indicates top of the bay conditions, 9 knots in our corner of the bay, will be suitable for conducting Race four.

We’re in contact with RYCV on these Sunday forecast conditions. An SMS on the race being run or cancelled will be sent out on Saturday after the 5:00pm BoM Sunday forecast is discussed with the RYCV Race Officer.

Click on the link for a fast download of the courses for Sunday. Use the courses for our 2023 Winter Series on water starts

Tomorrow’s forecast for the bay sure looks rough. Gales. Blow those trade winds blow.

2023 Cup Regatta news

You’ll notice our Cup Regatta intent to enter is using the SWS website.

Both Mark Chew and Sal Balnarrie and the SWS team have come on board the Cup Regatta organising team. Check out the SWS “intent to enter link” to get the latest Cup Regatta news.

Included in the intent to enter is a promotion of our Friday night Cup Regatta reception (aka knees up). Be there.

Both racing and non racing classic yachts are welcome to be part of our 2023 Cup Regatta scene at the RYCV. Pass this comment on to likely non racing entrants.

So line up your crews and have them pencil in the Cup Regatta on their calenders

Regards to all

Peter Costolloe
CYAA (Vic) Handicapper

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