2023 Winter Series: Race 9 post-race notes

It’s all done, the Classic’s 2023 Winter Series that is!

So many “What If’s” in those individual boat results. Altough race nine was a pursuit start race, your handicapper checks out the on course and corrected times. Best on course time went to Mercedes IV and best corrected time went to Yvonne helmed by Jim Hutchinson.

Congratulations to our three race nine podium placing classics: Wanita, Mercedes III and Astrud. It was a down to the wire finish to the series. What wasn’t down to the wire was the recognition by your handicapper of the work put in by all 2023 Winter Series entrants to sustain the mission of the CYAA.

Series Results [PHS] up to Race 9 (Drops = 1)
1R54 WANITARichard GatesRYCV36838124[20.0C]82
2R450 MERCEDES IIIMartin RyanRYCV3736351105[11.0]4
3KA544 ASTRUDRobert PullinHBYC387852312[14.0F]10
Wanita going for the Race 9 start line
Wanita going for the Race 9 start line
Mercedes III pre-race
Mercedes III pre-race
Astrud pre-race
Astrud pre-race

How Race 9 was made to happen

Going by the adjacent wind graph for Sunday there was no way your race committee could start race 9 on schedule at 10:00am. Up went the expected postponement signal. With a expectation something wind wise was about happen the decision to start the race was locked in at 10:24. During the five minute start sequence a review of the another postponement decision was made at 10:29:30. That’s right, it was a down to the wire go/no go call for the race committee. With the wind strength up by 50%, ie 2.5 to 3.5 knots, it was let’s go for it time.

Merlin, the wizard of the line

What a great call from the race committee and the already committed Merlin to start race none. With 20 tons of momentum Merlin ghosted over the line the start line . The wind strength kept building to 4.5 knots as Merlin with all her sails filled went over down the bay in great style. All things considered, particularly the light wind, Merlin put in a brilliant light wind performance throughout the race.

Attracting the handicapper attention

We all know how to keep our heads down and not be noticed by the handicapper. However two Race 9 starters didn’t succeed in this regards.

First was Tandanya startling on course performance. The catch word her is on course. The time between her difficulties to get over the the start and finish line was a handicappers attention grabber for sure.

The second handicapper attention grabber during race nine was Yvonne. In between those worthy accolades for the best corrected time performance a new entry went into that little black handicapper book.

Mercedes IV – the star of the Race 9

Yes race nine was a big day all round. The leading byline in this regard has to go to Mercedes IV. After coming out tops in a thrilling last mark round duel with Fair Winds that also saw Pastime II in this mix, she went on to salute the handicapper with her first across line. Her first ever race with the Port Phillip classic fleet. Perhaps the bigger story is what it took by her syndicate of owners to put her on to the Race 9 start line.

All those how it happened were stories across the fleet were rehashed at the bigger than Ben Hur post race celebrations on the RMYS Marina dockside.

See the Race 9 picture gallery for more pictures from Race 9 and the celebarion… 

Judging the Judge

Race 9 comments from the skipper of Mercedes III, Martin Ryan.

With the Winter series concluded, it’s an opportunity to assess the performance of our beloved handicapper.

After 9 races, only 4 points separated the top 4 yachts: Wanita 36 pts, Mercedes lll 37 pts, Astrud 38 pts, Marama 40 pts.

A stark reminder why it’s worth fighting for every place in every race!

Akala carried 2 DNS. If she had raced these 2 races and achieved the average of her placings, she would have finished on 39 points! A stark reminder to sail every race.

So, pretty even results between Div 1 and Div 3 yachts. So where was Div 2?

Only Avian competed in all races, finishing 5th overall. Most of the fleet carried at least 2 DNS. So the answer is, they didn’t sail often enough.

The verdict?

Our beloved handicapper is guilty of outstanding accuracy and fairness, despite numerous attempts to influence, over a range of yachts and weather conditions. The Regatta results for the top 4 yachts, could have been 5, determined in the last race.


2023/2024 Sayonara Summer Series

Entries for this series are now being called for. Click through to start your entry process.

As previously noted, we welcome offers to nominate a naming for individual races in this series.

There will be a permanent Royal Yacht Club of Victoria trophy used to acknowledge the best performing classic yacht of this series of eight classic yacht races on Port Phillip.

2023 Cup Regatta

Click through to start your entry process. To see who’s already entered click HERE. We have a sailpast scheduled for both racing and non racing entrants on the Saturday @ 10:30am.

Click through to be part of the big Cup Regatta social program. That pre Cup Regatta knee’s up in Ferdi’s shed is a must do. Be prepared to retire wounded at this one. We have another big one, a dinner @ RYCV that is, on the Saturday evening. Sort out your tickets here.

Yvonne Sponsors update

TOTAL now $2,700. TARGET of $5,000

This has been contributed by 2 individuals and 8 yachts out of a total 25+ yachts in our fleet. The maths to
achieving our TARGET of $5,000 is simple: we need more yachts to pledge and we will get there…

Click through for further details about CYAA General Maintenance Fund.

We best finish. Once again thanks to all our members and supporters who made our 2023 Winter Series another notable CYAA classic yacht racing event on Port Phillip.

We’re now looking forward to the same with our 2023/2024 Summer Series and 2023 Cup Regatta.

Regards to all
Peter Costolloe
CYAA (Vic) Handicapper

Print version of the Race 9 post-race notes (pdf)

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