Classy performance by Fair Winds at the 2023 AWKR

When the going gets tough, the tough get going…  No more so than the determined crew at SWS!

The challenge was to put the classic yacht Fair Winds in the 2023 AWKR podium mix. 

Being thrown around in high speed tacking duels under the helm of Sal Balharrie and her “No Mans Land” crew, Fairwinds reveled in the brilliant Port Phillip northerly wind conditions.

While one point off a podium placing is so near but so far, the performance Fair Winds put up against a variety of light displacement yachts puts truth to the saying that everything old is new again.

The CYAA sends congratulations to Sal Balharrie and her crew for their brilliant handling of Fair Winds in the 2023 AWKR.


Results from the 2023 Australian Women’s Keelboat Regatta 

AWKR website 

Photos by Andrea Francolioni

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