Anitra V on Sydney Harbour

Great Veterans – a report from Anitra V

Anitra V had a great run in the CYCA’s Great Veterans Race, finishing second in Division 2. Here’s a report and some pics from skipper, Philip Brown…. 

It was a relatively short course but a most interesting race in a SE of 10-15Kn. We had Anitra going upwind at 6.5 Kn and reaching at up to 7.8Kn in a flat Harbour.

Starting at the back of the fleet only Solveig started behind us giving us 2 minutes start.

The winner, Tony Burgess on his Valhalla, finished 7 minutes ahead of us so we only reduced his 13 minute start advantage by sailing 6 minutes faster around the course.

He said he had a clean bottom and as a lot of the course was reaching he sailed far better than his very generous handicap. However it was good to see him have a convincing win as he is a regular participant in all the Classic boat events.

The rest of the fleet was well handicapped and finished in a very tight bunch behind Anitra. Our only opportunity to gain places was on the beat from Lady Bay to Shark Island and we took maximum advantage of that leg to pass most boats.

We managed to get through the last 3 -Malohi, Maris and Bungoona on the circuit from Shark Island to Clarke Island and back to Shark before heading for the finish off Garden Island.

It was very satisfying gradually working our way through the fleet but Valhalla was too far ahead to catch on that short course.

Interesting to note that Anitra’s elapsed time was only 8 seconds faster than Solveig so they didn’t see us ahead but their time was more than 3 minutes faster than the next boat’s elapsed time in Division 2.

Says something about the old Halvorsen sister boats and their current crews.

It was a special race for me as it was my return to sailing post my stroke 3 months ago in Hobart and it marks 28 years since I took delivery of Anitra V as her new caretaker. In that 1995 Veterans Race Anitra was the winner and Dudley Stewart, Gar Barwick’s Sailing Master for 30 years, went home in a taxi with his winner’s trophy having had his last sail on the boat.

We have had one other win in the event in 2018 and achieved a 2nd in 2012. I have competed in most, but not all, Great Veterans Races over the 28 years. It’s a much loved event by the regular Classic competitors.

Philip Brown

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