Marie Louise III

Marie Louise III

Boat nameMarie Louise III
DesignerJack Savage (to the International Metre formula)
Builder J.J. Savage and Sons, Williamstown Victoria
Year launched1954
RigSloop 7/8 fractional
LOA40 ft
LOD29 ft
LWL9 ft
Draft6 ft
Sail number KA1
OwnerPeter Lloyd


In 1906 a conference in London, attended by all the major yachting nations,[excluding USA which had its own Universal Rule] paved the way for this new breed of yacht-the METRE CLASS Out of the chaos of many different rating and handicap systems came a formula that allowed yachts from many countries to race together. The numeral designation ie 6 , 8 or 12 has nothing to do with any physical dimension of the boat but is a result of a formula measuring the major design aspects.

In 1953 Bill Lowe, a member at RYCV, commissioned J.J. Savage and sons, Williamstown to design and build [to the Rule] an 8 Metre Cruiser/Racer-to be named Mongoose 111.

Hull constructed from 1 1/8″ Huon Pine over 2 x1 1/2 laminated ash frames@ 8 1/2 centres. Spruce mast and boom.

Extensive Huon Pine fitout. Five berths. Motor was originally 25 HP Clae Marine petrol, now fitted with a 3 cylinder 20 HP Yanmar diesel.

In her first year she was sold to fellow RYCV member Richard White, renamed to MARIE LOUISE 111 [combination of his sisters names] where she competed successfully, and trained many junior sailors, for some 20 years.

Then owned by the VALHALLA syndicate, a group of Past Commodores at RBYC for some 10 years.

Around the late 1980’s ownership transferred to Salvador Mata of Sunshine Coast, Queensland. He replaced the deck with New Guinea Rosewood, converted the steering from tiller to wheel [original tiller kept as emergency] with auto pilot and singlehanded cruised extensively along the Queensland coast.

Current owner Peter Lloyd, having been inspired by the restoration of Waitangi, and the ongoing restoration of Sayonara and Acrospire111, purchased this classic boat in 1997 and was an original member in the formation of the Classic Yacht Association of Australia.

Marie Louise 111 was enthusiastically welcomed back to RYCV, where her original sail number was available, and many tales surfaced from old hands who remembered her from her previous incarnation there.

The ‘Tropical white’ paint with which everything had been coated was removed and the original distinctive pale green topsides and clear coated timber spars restored.

No major maintenance or complete restoration has been necessary-just routine maintenance on a needs basis on annual slipping. Over my time so far chain plates and keelbolts replaced and recently mast out and rigging replaced.

She is therefore somewhat unique in being in such original pristine condition, testament to the original build integrity.

On handing the boat over ,the previous owner, Salvador, intuitively wrote the following:

“She is not just a boat, she is part of our maritime heritage and most of all a thing of great beauty, a symphony of wood, rope, and water, an object created by man with the only object to make us feel good about being alive. We are only caretakers and with luck she will outlive you and me. Future generations will think of us and will silently thank us for having seen her through the ages.”


Excerpt from CYAA Magazine Issue 24, December 2007

Marie Louise III
International 8 Metre Cruiser/Racer

by Peter Lloyd

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CYAA magazine excert


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